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Brintons Bell Twist

Product Overview

Brintons Bell Twist - The perfect companion to family life, with a twisted texture that helps it look good every day All Brintons plain carpets are made using 80 per cent wool and 20 per cent nylon for a perfect blend of beauty and wearability; the wool gives unparalleled softness while the nylon adds everyday toughness and ‘bouncebackability’. Come to the store or phone for one of us to bring out the sample. Ideal for any heavy wear area of the house.


ConstructionWoven Wilton
Finish80% Wool 10% Nylon 10% Tuftbond
Installation TypeFitted on Underlay & Gripper
StyleTwist Pile
SpeciesExtra Heavy domestic
Dimensions3.66m & 4.57m wide

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