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14mm 2- Strip

Durability and wear resistance are key characteristics of Junckers 14 mm Solid Hardwood Floors. They are manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of a busy household or endure the traffic found in light commercial applications whilst having the ability to match a wide variety of designs and settings without causing level problems. The purpose developed surface treatment – lacquer or oil - adds to the character as well as to the wear resistance of the floors.
Each board is produced by joining two rows of staves with a glued dovetail joint along the centre of each board and with tongue and groove joints at the ends. This ensures the strength of the finished board and results in a parquet pattern on the installed floor.

Junckers 14 mm Solid Hardwood Floors can be installed with the unique Junckers Clip System directly to a levelled subfloor.This system offers a very fast and simple installation, ensures good walking comfort and footstep-noise reduction properties, requires only a building height of approx. 16 mm, and can be approached both by professionals and DIY entusiasts.

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