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Corona Virus


PLEASE CALL 01245 250074 OR EMAIL: info@countryflooring.co.uk

Sales Process 

If you wish to use either Facetime, Zoom ot Teams for a call to us we will be able to offer the oppurtunity for a video call with staff in the store, where we can discuss your requirements, enable us to view the areas you are trying to renew and if necessary give advice and information on the suitable products.  We will then be able to demostrate products and show options and colours available from our samples.

Secondly, if you would prefer to visit the shop this option will be avaiable, but due to the fact the store is resticted, the best way to do this will be by appointment only.  Timed appointments only are available,  access will be by the front door, but parking is avaiable at the back of the shop.  We can supply hand sanitiser and gloves for customer use, we will then follow social distancing within the store.

Thirdly, in 95% of installations we will need to visit the site to do a survey for measurements, and to make any futher observations regarding preparation, this will mean our estimator will need to attend your property, it will also allow for samples from the store to be brought to the home.  We propose these will be brought to the door, and that you make take them into your home and inspect them in the home, these samples will have been wiped down with Antibacterial wipes were ever possible, and we would be happy for you to do so again.  Once the samples have been inspected the estimator, following social distancing guidlines will come into your home and take measurements and observations, discuss any issues or questions you may have as per normal practice.  It will be the customers responsiblity to wipe down any areas once the estimator leaves.

Fitting Process 

Upon arrival at your property the fitters will call from outside to inform you they have arrived.  They will wear gloves  and abide by social distancing with yourselves when entering and unloading in your home, once they start the process of fitting they may need to remove the gloves for saftey . In order to minimise contact with your posessions we would ask where ever possible that any furniture will have been removed from the space prior to their arrival, if this is not possible we would need you to accept that they will do their utmost to be careful if you require their help. They may need to use toilet facilities and hand washing, but they will not be accepting drinks or food they will bring this all with them.  Once finished for the day we will  need to make it the home owners responsibility to wipe down any surfaces or handles etc. that have may have been touched by the fitters.

We hope that by following these guidlines it will be safe and possible to comply with the social distancing that has been put in place for all of our benifits and also allow us to provide you with a level of service we endeavour to provide at all times.

We look forward to seeing customers again and returning to renewing your flooring in the very near future.



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